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   Student Testimonials

"Beth is the absolute best! I couldn't have figured out college without her!"-University of Vermont, Class of 2017

"Who knew there could be a superhero to help you with college applications? Her name is Beth Fuson. She makes life less stressful, keeps you on top of deadlines, and is very flexible with your schedule. She must be a superhero because she knows all of the answers to your questions about college and if she doesn't know the answers immediately, she knows where to find them!"-University of Lynchburg College, Class of 2018

Endorsements from Parents

"Beth was knowledgeable, responsive and thorough. Though this was our last of four children heading off to college, the process is always bit overwhelming and constantly changing. Beth showed us the ropes, made us aware of the many opportunities and kept us informed of the ever changing world of the college admissions and financial aid process. I would highly recommend Beth to anyone searching for college advising". - Parent of University of Maryland, College Park Class of 2019 student.

"I would like to highly recommend Beth Fuson. She will work with your child from the earliest you want, all the way into college. From applications, essays, PSATs, SATs, picking your classes, talking to schools, college fairs, etc. Having a grounded, educated college professional did wonders for my daughter. My ex-husband hired her and I was like, "what???" But then when I saw what she did and how well my daughter worked with her, I was amazed.-Parent of Fairfield University, Class of 2024 student.

"The college application process at times felt  completely overwhelming. Beth helped make the experience less stressful.  She worked closely with our daughter to ensure she stayed on track in meeting all application deadlines, helped her narrow her focus on all essay topics and shared valuable and helpful information regarding our college choices.  We can't thank her enough!"-Parent of University of North Carolina- Wilmington Honors College, Class of 2020 student.

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